Remedy Hospitals ENT Department tackles ear, nose and throat diseases which includes diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the ear, nose and sinuses, throat and the anterior skull base. The department is well-equipped to handle any kind of trauma / emergency cases like Sinus, larynx, ear surgeries, diagnosis and surgery for vertigo (giddiness), etc. In addition, the department also handles advanced ENT related neurosurgeries like trans-temporal acoustic neurons excision, excision of glomus tumors and trans-nasal transphenoidal excision of pituitary tumors.

The ENT department also offers full time facilities for angliometric speech therapy and hearing aid sale & services, sophisticated audiology and speech therapy centre with world class equipments like endoscopes, video camera system and fine binocular microscopes.

Our Specialist Doctors

Dr. C.R. Vijay Bharath Reddy
Head Neck Surgeon MS(ENT)
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Dr. Maddaiah. B.Y.C
ENT MS(Oto-Rhino-Laryngology)
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Dr. Naga Sowmya
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