General Surgery deals with a range of surgical ailments and emergencies. In addition minor swellings, the surgeons are expertise in complex abdominal surgeries and trauma cases. Our team of surgeons are successfully competent in diagnosis as well as in treating and managing al surgical operative interventions.

The following surgical procedures/ treatment can be offered:

  • Emergency surgery including poly truma.
  • Hernia - Inguinal, incisional and ventral hernia repairs.
  • Treatment for the liver and gallbladder.
  • Treatment for stones in the biliary tree (choledochal cysts, CBD stones).
  • Bile duct injury.
  • Gastric (stomach) surgery.
  • Treatment of caustic injuries / strictures.
  • Surgeries on the small and large intestine.
  • Splenectomy (spleen removal).
  • Anorectal conditions.
  • Pancreatic surgery.
  • Pancreatitis.
  • Varicose veins of the lower limb.
  • Wound care for diabetic foot and venous ulcers.
  • Thyroid surgeries.
  • Parathyroid surgeries
  • Breaset surgeries.

Remedy Hospitals has a state-of-the-art intensive care unit with modern facilities backed by very efficient nursing care.

Our Specialist Doctors

Dr. Avinash Lokhande
Senior Consultant Gastrointestinal, Laparoscopic & General Surgeon MS, DNB, FAIS (Bariatric surgery), FMAS, FIAGES, FSOG (NIMS)

Dr. Avinash Lokhande is senior consultant in Remedy hospital since 2007. He has performed multiple gastrointestinal, general, laparoscopic surgeries...

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Dr. Chaitanya Kumar Jilla
Senior Consultant General Surgeon MS
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Dr. A.B. Bhaskar Reddy
General Surgeon MBBS, DNB(GS)
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Dr. B.V.R. Sridhar Rao
General Surgeon MBBS, DNB(GS)
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